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WuHan VeiBao Energy Technology Ltd. was established in April 2009.We are one high-tech enterprises on products development, and manufacturing , sales and service. We are engaged in BMS(Battery Manage System),PCM(Protection Circuit Module),Li Battery Charger and sales service-oriented R & D. We adhere the quality is life, Our goal is to provide customers with the best products,to create first-class products. we have  complete product line,have all kinds of advanced testing equipment,to ensure product quality!Companies willing to work with domestic and foreign customers hand in hand, create brilliant!

Business Certificate: 420100000667550

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Contact: Mr. Jerry Shen

Phone: 0137-33419890

Tel: 0137-33419890

Email: [email protected]

Add: No163. XinHua Areas.HuaiYin RD. XiaoNan District. XiaoGan City HuBei P.R.C

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