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VeiBao website revision successful online notice

Our website new revision, under the tireless efforts of all staff and partners, the overall framework and some content has basically completed, the current is the site commissioning stage. 

Website construction in line with high starting point, high standard, the principle of service customers, basic did it page characteristic, the classification of the column is reasonable and convenient customer's utility function. To make our websites play their e-commerce office, Bridges, image display function, have a lot of work need to be further complement deeply and in detail, need everybody's enthusiasm to participate in more. Needs to improve existing site information, also hope to point out mistakes. Will upload the information resources to the notice on this:


Contact: Mr. Jerry Shen

Phone: 0137-33419890

Tel: 0137-33419890

Email: [email protected]

Add: No163. XinHua Areas.HuaiYin RD. XiaoNan District. XiaoGan City HuBei P.R.C

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